Lea was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and speech apraxia at the age of 3, which explained her developmental delay in verbal communication. But she is more than her disabilities
Lea is a very affectionate girl. She hugs her family and friends whenever she sees them, no matter how long it’s been. She thinks of others before herself. For example, whenever one of her siblings hasn’t eaten yet, she makes them a meal and saves it for later. Even though she might not have the ability to verbally show us how she feels, her actions are loud and clear.
She is also very intelligent, often outsmarting her family. At a very young age, she has learned how to use a computer in order to play games. She can memorize very well, attaching words to pictures once it’s been taught to her. Nowadays, when you teach her something or tell her somebody’s name, she keeps it in mind. Over time, she remembers the little things, such as promises to go to the mall or the names of certain brands. Her social skills are a delight to watch in development. When she was younger, she wouldn’t pay
attention to anybody but now she observes other people. When prompted, she even greets them. Once she grows a liking to you, she’ll never forget your face.
Though her developmental delay in verbal communication has been frustrating, we are proud of how she has overcome trials and harnessed the power of love and joy. She is Lea, our princess, our lucky charm and the inspiration for Pic-A-Talk!

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