The Official Launch of Pic-A-Talk was a milestone we had worked tirelessly for.

It was an event that would mark our success, the product of our sleepless nights and tired days and an accomplishment that we were proud to have reached. The progress leading up to the launch was difficult, especially since we encountered a few hiccups every now and then. But the entire day would not have been possible without the constant support of our team, the interns, and our family and friends.

But let’s back it up a bit.

Pic-A-Talk began way back in 2019 – it was still just a thesis idea that flourished into an app filled with bugs and months of dealing with paperwork. To think that it is now an actual mobile application with brand-new features and a smooth interface is still mind boggling. And it was heartwarming to see the support of people coming together in a single Zoom meeting.

The Launch Day began on time. While we waited for the participants to filter in, we played videos of our sponsors – Innovuze Solutions, Inc., Cerebro, Fenixia Foundation, Code For Asia and Chebon’s Kitchen. Sophia Castillon, a dear friend of the CEO, led the program and ensured a smooth flow between each transition. Jessica Alemania, the representative of Iligan City’s Vice Mayor Dodong Alemania, welcomed the participants with a warm greeting. Both women have strong ties with Uma Roa and they too have had their own experiences with the special needs community. 

Afterwards, Johanna Roa, a speech-language pathologist from Michigan, started an insightful discussion on the Top 10 AAC Tips for everybody to learn. Despite the time difference between the Philippines and Michigan, Johanna was professional and informative when it came to her expertise. You can listen to the full presentation on our Spotify as we have made it available as a Podcast!
Then we had our giveaway! It’s one of the best and most exciting parts of a program. Our loyal participants got their own share of Pic-A-Talk merch, as well a few valuable items from our sponsors. We will get these items shipped to you guys ASAP!

Then it was Teacher Kaye’s turn to enlighten and entertain us at the same time. The two speakers showed vast contrast with each other. While Johanna was excellent and formal in her presentation, Kaye was more down to earth when it came to her discussion. Since she was a local speaker, many of the participants could relate to her. 
Overall, the event was a success! We’re so glad to see many familiar and new faces in support of Pic-A-Talk. The Launch, despite the hiccups that led to it, was the start of something new and it would soon lead to the domino effect leading to success. 

Here’s to more successful events!